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10 reasons NANNING 374 is the right sire for your foal.

PEDIGREE – Nanning 374 is not just another FPS stallion. He is the son of Teunis 332 and Sierda [Ster/Preferent]. Sierda’s sire, Feitse 293, is the only living Approved Preferent Stallion and his heritage speaks for itself. His lineage has produced a spectacular stallion with unique qualities that are certain to improve and influence Friesians in the North American breeding program.

HEIGHT – At a statuesque 1.69m, Nanning 374 is one of the tallest approved stallions in North America. His stature presents an air of nobility and confidence. His size and strength, coupled with the traits of your mare, are certain to produce a spectacular foal.

TRUE DUTCH CHAMPION – Nanning won the Champion ribbon in his category at the 2002 Stallion Competition/Inspection in Drachten, Netherlands. This competition is known for attracting the finest Friesian stallions. The quality of this competition marks him as a true champion.

PERMANENTLY APPROVED on OFFSPRING – The FPS has determined Nanning 374 has a proven record of consistently producing foals of the highest quality. This award gives you the full confidence of the FPS. Don’t leave your breeding program to chance.

FRESH CHILLED SEMEN – Nanning is legendary for his potency and possesses an extraordinary success rate. His extended semen viability is between 48 and 72 hours. Chilled semen is the best viable alternative to live cover, and is far superior to frozen.

LOW INBREED COEFFICIENT – Nanning’s inbreed coefficient is a remarkable 2.73. This means he has the flexibility of being able to breed with a large variety of mares and contribute a low inbreed coefficient.

ALWAYS FIRST PREMIUM – Nanning 374 has been judged first premium in every competition or inspection in which he has participated.

HIS COMMANDING PRESENCE and perfect confirmation define him as an elite member of his breed. These qualities are evident in his foals, which are overwhelmingly awarded first and second premium rankings.

THE “IT” FACTOR – Nanning’s presence is truly amazing, and we encourage you to see him in person. His flash, spirit and elevated movements make him an elegant carriage or dressage horse. He has excellent impulsion and athleticism, which allows for tremendous flexibility in his offspring.

CONFORMATION – At his final judging in the Netherlands, the judges commented at length on Nanning’s spectacular structure and confirmation. His long forelegs and neck, coupled with his incredibly powerful hindquarters, are qualities coveted by Friesian breeders. While FPS judges were sad to see him go, they knew his quality would positively influence the North American breeding program and rejuvenate its bloodlines.

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