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Nanning is a product of the legendary Teunis/Fietse line.  Nanning continues to produce extremely high quality offspring. Common in Nanning offspring are long fore legs, the famous, trademark Teunis/Nanning neck structure, short back, powerful hind quarters and incredible temperament.   Nanning offspring regularly score 1st Premie at Keurings. Nanning will improve upon many bloodlines and produce foals that become champions. We hope you will consider him as the next sire of your foal.

Scott and Shelley Kelnhofer
N3398 State Road 76
Hortonville, WI 54944
Contact Scott at 920-757-0877


Nanning’s Pedigree- Inbreeding Coefficient-2.74 With Nanning’s pedigree you are tapping into the BEST bloodlines that the Friesian breed has to offer. Nanning has no less than twenty ster/preferent/model mares and stallions in his heritage. His sire, the legendary Teunis, who left us too early, passed his tremendous size and structure to his favorite son. His dam, Sierda, a Ster/Preferent, mare is descended from only one of two living Preferent stallions, Feitse. Eeltert JE, a model/preferent mare, is Sierda’s dam. Your offspring will be a living testament to the highest quality KFPS Friesian Stallions and Mares.


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